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The Sabbatical Series with the Psalms with Guest speakers



Psalm 51 ‘Praying Our Guilt’ – Pete Goulding

16th May 2021

The second book of Samuel and chapter eleven recounts David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba and the ensuing plot to cover this up, culminating in the murder of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah. In the following chapter, chapter twelve, the prophet Nathan confronts David with his sin. Ps 51 then is the outpouring of David’s grief and sorrow over his sin. It is a Psalm that reminds us that no matter what we have done, repentance is the sure key that leads to the promise of restoration. 

Psalm 88 – John Sainsbury

30th May 2021

I wonder if in life you have ever had those times when you have cried out to God and the reality has been that nothing has changed? An interesting characteristic of many of the ‘Lament’ psalms, those Psalms that are an outpouring of woe, is that most of them have that ‘hinge’ moment’, that bit where the Psalmist says, ‘BUT God.’ This is not the case in Ps 88. It starts and ends in despair. So, what then can we learn from it?

Psalm 139 – Andy Tissingh

23rd May 2021

Some of us will be familiar with the idea that God is omnipotent – all powerful, omnipresent – everywhere, and omniscient – all knowing. In Ps 139 Andy shows us how the Psalmist takes these amazing truths and personalizes them so that the God who is all knowing is the God who knows ME deeply, the God who is everywhere is the God who is everywhere with ME, and the God who is all powerful is the God who wonderfully and fearfully made ME.

Psalm 84 – Andy Tissingh

9th May 2021

Speaking about Ps 84 Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the ‘prince of preachers’, said this, ‘David loved the house of God because he loved the God of the house. His heart and flesh cried out not for the altar or the candlestick but for the living God.’ ‘One day in your courts,’ writes David, ‘is better than a thousand elsewhere.’ Do we this morning have that same longing, that same yearning for God? 

Psalm 102 Praying Our Mortality – Andy Woof

2nd May 2021

This morning Andy touches on a subject that for many is something we simply don’t talk about – that of our mortality. And of course, death is no respecter of race, gender or social background; it is the great leveller from which none of us is immune. And perhaps this morning you feel you are on a bobsleigh that has no brakes – that life is just passing you by and at some point is going to come to a crashing end. What then is the Psalmists experience here and how does he respond?

Psalm 16- Mike Bretton

25th April 2021

The main theme of Ps 16 is trust and so we read in the opening verse, ‘Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.’ Of course, it is easy to trust God when things are going well but what about those times when life just ‘sucks?’ What is often true as well though is that when life is tough we quickly run to God for help but what do we do when life is ‘plain sailing’ – are we prone perhaps to forget God? 

Psalm 1- Andy Woof

11th April 2021

The bible scholar Gordon Fee said that the Psalms like no other literature enable us to commune with God. But how do they do that? In the coming eight or so weeks we will explore a few of these Psalms and look at what it means to ‘Pray Our Hearts.’ This morning we start at the very beginning, with Ps 1.

Psalm 137- Andy Woof

18th April 2021

For those of you who remember the pop group, ‘Boney M’, this morning’s Psalm, Psalm 137, will sound quite familiar, that is until we get to the last few verses. What confronts us there and no doubt shocks us is the tirade of hate speech that pours out of the Psalmists mouth. One of the questions you might justifiably ask then is what place does this Psalm have in God’s word? 

Easter Sunday- Andy Woof

4th April 2021

Welcome to our Easter Service. Today the message comes from Andy Woof

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